Dry Wall Johannesburg has been in business for over 8 years and since its original inception, we have had one simply aim; To always be reliable and fulfil the needs of the client. Our clients matter to us the most and completing a job on time, on budget and in line with the visions and aesthetic appeal of the original plans is always the aim, even if it means going the extra mile.

We have worked hard over the years to invest in our team, ensuring that we deploy sufficiently trained experts with the skill and know how to complete a given task, no matter how hard it might seem. As we continue to grow as a company, so too will our continued contribution to our staff, their training and their valuable input into the local economy.

Working with both residents, business owners and building contractors, we have built up a portfolio of various different skilled jobs in many, many different industries and aim to stay at the forefront of our professional for years to come. We love what we do and we are good at it! Welcoming new and returning clients always make us happy so feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we can help.

Thanks, R. Boman,   (Dry Walling Johannesburg)